The Media Staff produces commercials, PSA's, corporate videos, and streaming media for clients ranging from small businesses to nonprofit and governmental organizations, to Fortune 500 companies. The Media Staff has the right tools and the expertise to craft your message and reach your target audience.


The Media Staff will manage your entire video project from design and scripting through every stage of production. We have an extensive pool of relationships that we have built through the years to get the best production crew and equipment at the best possible rates. Our video team has experience with virtually all types of video formats. This experience is invaluable as you plan and execute your project.

Post Production

The Media Staff is uniquely poised to get the most out of your video once it has been produced. We use a state-of-the-art Media 100 editing system that produces clean edits and transitions as well as excellent picture and sound quality. Our audio facility allows the easy addition of quality sound to your project. Whether your video requires narration, music, sound effects, or foreign language replacement, The Media Staff can mix the appropriate sound to match your video in-house.

The Media Staff is also unique in our extensive 3d animation and motion graphic capabilities. Our new media team has expertise in creating stunning computer-generated imagery to accent your project. Video projects can also be easily produced in whatever medium is required; CD-ROM, DVD, vhs, beta, ", or streamed for the Internet.

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