The Media Staff has a state-of-the-art sound studio on site that has recorded some of the biggest names in voice talent for the likes of Harper Audio, HighBridge, Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Time Warner. The studio is the perfect compliment to our video and new media services. We sweeten and score video as well as specialize in foreign language replacement. The Media Staff records on CD, DAT, or Beta-Cam depending on the specifications required by the client.


The Media Staff's in-house sound studio is simply the best room of its kind on the West Coast. Designed by Jeff Cooper Architects and built by Synergetics Inc., the studio is an acoustic blend of the best materials, angles, and experience available. The room boasts a floated floor, double walls, isolated and baffled air conditioning, phone batch capabilities, and ideal lighting and temperature for the comfort of the voice talent.


The Media Staff is proud to have been the studio that recorded two of the three Grammy award-winning audio books in 2001. Mr. George Carlin won a Grammy for his audio book "Brain Droppings" and Mr. Sidney Portier won for his autobiography, "The Measure of A Man."

The Media Staff congratulates Harper Audio, HighBridge Audio, Mr. George Carlin, and Mr. Sidney Portier.

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